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Contact Service Centre to identify future trends in travel and connect clients, travellers and local players. From globalisation to localisation.

In difficult times, we need to rethink and look at things differently.                                               Then we will succeed.

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About Us

travelogue macomber operiert als Contact Centre – entstanden als Symbiose der Destination Management Company (Prä-Corona) und  Wohltätigkeitsarbeit (während Corona) – verpackt in ein neuartiges Vorhaben, das unseren Kunden erlaubt, sich Markt und neuen Herausforderungen immer wieder anzupassen und zukünftige Trends zu identifizieren. Ziel Beziehungskultur.

Firmenkunden, Mitarbeiter, Kollegen, Reisende, Dienstleister, Freunde, Charities, Menschen in ländlichen Kommunen – was haben sie gemeinsam? Eine macomber Erfahrung. Let’s connect again!

Gründerin Stefanie Robbertse hat bei führenden Firmenreisediensten und Veranstaltern in Management Positionen gearbeitet sowie in einem großen Unternehmen das Travel- und Veranstaltungsmanagement geleitet. 25 Jahre Reisen und Erleben haben ein tiefes Verständnis für kulturelle Unterschiede und die Einzigartigkeit jeder Destination geschaffen. Achtsamkeit, war auch ein Thema zu Hochzeiten der Pandemie und Voluntärsarbeit für Tier & Mensch im ländlichen Afrika sind prägend.


travelogue macomber : Omnichannel Contact Center to drive and combine the existing and established business operation pre-Covid (maComber Destination Management) and the charity orientated operation during Covid into a newly created venture to assist our clients with market changes and adjustments through time and to identify future trends. Key is to create a unique culture with human relationships in focus.

Connect needs.

Former travellers, corporate clients, their employees, colleagues, suppliers, charity organisations and rural communities – and friends. What do they have in common? A macomber experience.

Let’s connect them again & rethink.​ Far-reaching and comprehensive experience ensure that our committed service is customised, professional and efficient with great attention to detail.

Invaluable skills and managerial experience in the fields of travel & events accumulated over 25 years : Founder Stefanie Robbertse has worked for major business travel agencies, tour operators and as event & incentive organiser in the corporate world. Experiencing the world has gained her a sensitive understanding of its diversity, which is translated into our daily work philosophy.

​We speak English, German, Danish and French.




In difficult times, we look at unusual options & solutions.

  • Interconnect existing international network to create new local opportunities
  • Connect customers with players in the industry & community projects
  • Surveys & evaluation
  • Identification of Corporate Social Responsibility needs and connecting points for actions
  • International Fundraising campaigns for community projects & animal welfare
  • Referral Management
  • Promote intercultural communication concepts
  • Identify & connect international investors
  • Evaluate relevant research data and statistics & distribution of results
  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Identify motivation & expectation amongst employees
  • Retention management strategies
  • Research & trend studies
  • Change & Talent Management
  • Resonance experience concepts
  • Identification of future trends in (international) travel
  • Revival and re-think of corporate travel
  • Virtual travel experiences
  • Promote “Glocalisation”
  • Customer language support

Our agents are keen to discuss your way forward.